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Spiders Pest Control.

Why are Spiders considered a pest?

Besides their webs being unsightly, spiders around the home can be a health risk due to the risk of being bitten. Spiders are relatively quiet throughout the day and come out at night in search of food. Spiders will only bite if they are disturbed in their natural environment. Always be careful when moving items and look to see if there is a web is present. In the summer months and in areas of bushland, wear shoes outside as ground-dwelling spiders come out and roam for their next partner in the cooler evenings.


First Strike Pest control technicians will inspect and advise the client of a treatment plan using liquid and dust insecticide to gain control.


Areas of treatment

On initiating a pest treatment, we will apply liquid insecticide to the outside of the home and to the skirting area within the structure and disperse dust to the roof void and subfloor (if there is one).


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Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

Male up to 25mm (long spinnerets). Ground dwelling so watch for males active in summer and autumn. Venom is highly toxic. Wear shoes in the yard and gloves when gardening. Stand clear.


In case of bite:-

Apply a pressure bandage, immobilise and get to a hospital fast. Treatment includes antivenom, admission to a critical care area and monitoring for 12–24 hours until all evidence of envenoming has resolved.


Redback spider

Female to 14mm, Male to 3mm. Builds a web often found under outdoor furniture, logs and rubbish. Look first and wear gloves. Stay clear.

In case of bite:-

Pressure bandaging is contraindicated in Red-back spider bites and get to a hospital fast. Treatment may include antivenom depending on severity.


Black House spider

Female up to 18mm. Male up to 9mm. Builds a web and seen commonly around doors, window frames, eaves and awnings. Timid but has a painful bite, swelling and nausea. Use a vacuum to remove and dispose of in plastic bag using gloves.

White Tail:

Female to 20mm, Male to 12mm. Ground dwelling and active in the garden, under bark, rocks but will wander indoors. Can get caught in unattended bedding, clothes or shoes. Look first. Stand clear.

In case of bite:-

Bites cause pain, and some bites will leave a persistent red mark, associated itchiness and pain or lump lasting up to a week. Current evidence suggests that spider bites are very unlikely to cause necrotic lesions as commonly believed and such cases presenting as suspected spider bites should be thoroughly investigated for other causes. Play it safe and get to the hospital.



Female up to 45mm. Timid, ground-dwelling spider often found around home and garden in search of prey and considered helpful. Looks worse than it is.

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