Rodents Pest Control.

Why are rodents considered a pest?

Rodents are considered a pest because they can eat and contaminate food, do physical damage by gnawing on wiring, packaging, upholstery and food containers. Rodents can spread disease by direct food contact, leave urine and faeces where the activity is and be a nuisance by running through the roof making noise.



First Strike Pest Control technicians will inspect and advise the client of a treatment plan using traps and rodent baits. Where possible, we will close entry points and advise the client of ways of changing the environment.


Areas of treatment.

Clients will advise where the issues of rodent activity have occurred. First Strike Pest Control will then implement a baiting or trapping plan of action.


Norway Rat: live in sewers and burrows and will live inside and outside. Nest place will vary pending on location. Their coarse fur will be red-brown in colour. Their weight averages 450g and they are heavy set. Their tail is shorter than the body and head. The Norway Rat is omnivorous and will eat garbage, meat, cereals and fish. Will only venture around 40m for food.


Roof Rat: These will be the one you most likely hear in the roof. Slenderer than the Norway rat, they weigh on average 200g. Their fine fur will be black/brown/grey with the possibility of white underneath. Their tails are longer than their head and body. The Roof Rat is omnivorous and will eat vegetables, fruit and grains. Will only venture around 40m for food.


House mouse: These rodents will make their home within yours usually under kitchen cabinets, inside walls, and in furniture stored outside. Their fur is fine and ranges from brown to grey.  The house mouse is omnivorous and eats mostly grain. You mainly get an infestation of the house mouse by leaving out a food source and provide warmth. will only travel up to 8m for food.

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