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Why are ants considered a pest?

Nuisance is the first word that pops up when talking to clients. Mainly an outside pest, ants will enter a home heading for skirting areas, kitchen or bathrooms.  Ants are drawn to the kitchen as it gives them an easy way to a food source.  The outside activity includes making a mess of garden beds and cracks in tile or concrete by excavating soil. Ants will nest in rockery, pots, retaining walls, structural walls or within the kitchen space. Ants can spread disease organisms by scavenging in a bin then moving to other areas.



First Strike Pest Control technicians will inspect and advise the client of a treatment plan using a combination of liquid, gels and dust insecticide to gain control.


Areas of treatment:

On initiating a pest treatment, we will apply liquid insecticide to the outside of the home. This covers the external area of the home (garden beds and lower structure) and to the skirting area within the structure. Appling gels to entry points and areas of activity is another way to gain control.



Black House Ants: 2.5-3mm long and black. These are a common ant that is found outside around paths and rockery. Black house ants may build black ant nests in wall cavities and at times in subfloors or indoors. Likes sweet food but will eat other food sources as well.


Coastal Brown Ants: 1.5-2.5mm long and are light brown/yellowish in colour. More than likely found inside the home. Coastal brown ants will enter the home via crevices and nest in brickwork, skirtings, wood panelling and architraves. These are more a protein feeder and will eat other dead insects, meat particles, grease/fat and other animal origin material.


Brown House Ant: 2-3mm long with a continuous brown appearance.  These ants can be found around the garden in and around paths, landscaping and between masonry work. These ants prefer a high protein diet and will eat sweet foods when required.


Odorous Ant: 2-3mm long and are brown to dark brown.  These ants will be found within the home and are found in large numbers. Mainly found in subfloors, walls, and under stoves and within the skirting areas of the kitchen.

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